I was on a business trip in Vancouver a few weeks ago, and was feeling adventurous enough to try a maple macchiato at Waves coffee. It turned out to be the perfect amount of sweet and flavorful, and festively fall, without being overpowering in any of those areas.

Instead of your typical pumpkin, or gingerbread, try making this macchiato at home. It’s actually painfully simple, a lot less expensive than Starbucks, and you can serve it to yourself in a glass so that you can actually see the fun layers of a macchiato.

Maple Machiatto

Maple Macchiato Coffee

Maple Macchiato

Makes 1

– 3/4 cup whole milk
– 1 Tbsp of good quality maple syrup
– Double shot of espresso
– Pinch of ground cinnamon

Heat the milk and maple syrup over medium heat. When the milk is steamy but before it boils, use a whisk to create bubbles. I found my whisk at Daiso, and it actually works perfectly for this. I had to tip my pan so I could get my whisk deep enough in the milk that it didn’t spray everywhere. There are various similar products on Amazon, and it also looks like Ikea makes one.

Use a spoon to hold back the foam and pour the maple milk into your glass. This is the first layer.

Pour your espresso slowly over the milk. If you hold the glass at an angle and let the espresso run in, that seems to work well. The espresso should settle nicely on top of the milk, and pretty much stay there for the duration of the drink.

Use a spoon to place some foam on the top of the espresso. If desired, get the tiniest pinch of cinnamon between your index finger and thumb, and slowly rub your fingers together over the top to dot with cinnamon.